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  Why Us?

We are an eminent institution engaged in providing Homoepathy Treatment Services. The allopathic treatment has several side-effects but the homoepathic medicines are effective and safe to use. Scientific principles convey that homoepathic treatment are proven to be highly reliable and have a very high rate of curing the ailments. These medicines are highly provide an immediate relief and also cure the diseases till the depth. Dr. Ajay Gupta is expert in his field and holds vast knowledge in the respective domain. Following are some of the benefits of our medicines:

Provides a holistic approach to medicine
Boosts immunity leading to a long disease free life
Safe for young children, expectant mothers and other delicate patients
Very reliable and easy to ingest
Provides a non-invasive alternative to surgical treatment in various cases
Proven to be faster in providing relief than conventional medicines in many conditions such as pyrexia, colic, diarrhea and headache
The various reasons behind our success are given below:
Specialized services with personal touch
No adverse side affects
Ability to provide quality pediatric medical care
Special services for patients who are unable to visit regularly by providing medicines through post/courier

Special Features of Dr. Ajay Gupta's Homoeopathic Clinic

Highly qualified doctor
17 years of dedicated services to suffering humanity
Co-operative staff
Daily appointment on phone
Main road location of clinic and well connectivty with other areas
Usage of quality sealed medicines directly from reputed homoeopathic dealers
Patients can directly talk to doctor if facing problems during treatment
Availability of literature of diseases and role of homoeopathy indifferent diseases in brochure for and on website.
Homoeopathic travelling kits & first aid kits are available
Consultation on e-mail and tele-medicine facility available.

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