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1. Are Homoeopathic medicines safe?
The mode of preparation of homoeopathic medicines Is such that the medicines is such that the medicenes are repeatedly diluted and succussed to enhance the inherent curative dynamic power of natural substance. By this method the material quantity pf natural substances is reduced to minimal thereby reducing their side effects.
2. Is it possible to take conventional medicines (allopathic) along with Homoeopathy?
Homoeopathy can be taken along with conventional medicines like antihypertenslves (B.P.). Insulin, dietary supplements or other medicines which the body in used to for years and need a slow withdrawal. However certain conventional medicines like antibiotics and skin ointments and lotions are restricted as they interfare with Homoeopathic medicines.
3. How long shall I lake the medicine?
It totally depends on the disease, its duration and prognosis, A recently developed disease might need medicine for a shorter period while a chronic disease of many years might require medicine for longer periods.
4. Are there too many dietary restrictions with Homoeopathy?
It is myth that there are lots of dietary restrictions with homoeopathic medicines like onions garlic, coflee etc. There are only few medicines which get antidoted by certain food products nothing, applies es a rule and in most cases no dietary restrictions apply Homoeopathic medicines should always bo taken in clean mouth .
5. Can Homoeopathic medicines be taken safely for children and during pregnancy?
It is absolutely safe to take homoeopathic medicines for children and during pregnancy, in fact Homeopathy is helpful in treating various pregnancy and post delivery ailments.
6. Homoeopathy is slow to act.
It is a myth that homoeopathy is slow to act. In acute aliments like fever, diarrhea, acute infections etc. It acts as fast as conventional medicines, sometimes even faster in chronic cases like diabetes, parkinsonism, psoriasis etc. It may require sometime to eradicate the disease completely from the body and make the body free from any medicines instead of conventional treatments which gives instant relief but the medicine has to be taken life long.
7. Homoeopathy only treats certain diseases
It is false to say that Homeopathy treats certain diseases. Homoeopathy medicines have a wide sphere of action on various organ system of body and are capable of curing most acute and chronic diseases.
8. Homoeopathy has lot of dietary restrictions:
It is a myth that there are lots ol dietary restrictions with homoeopathic medicines like onions, gartic, coffee etc. There are only few medicanes Which get anodoied by certain food products nothing applies as a rule and In most cases no dietary restrictions apply
9. How to take homoeopathic remedies?
(a) Avoid putting anything in your mouth tor 15 minutes before or after taking your medicine This is because homoeopathic medicines get absorbed from the inner linings of the mouth. Substances usually leave a coating in the oral cavity and also an odour. This may hinder the absorption of the medicine You may. however drink water .
(b) It is also advisable to avoid taking strong adour substances while taking homoeopathic remedies because these may antidote the remedy prescribed.
(c) Handling medicines can inactivate them, therefore. avoid touching homeopathic remedies. It is best to put 5-6 pills into the cap of the container and then put the medicine into your mouth. It the pills are touched or dropped, they should not be returned to the container. Otherwise your remedy will lose its abillity to do its job.
(d) Remedies should be stored away from strong light (direct sun light)
10. Why homoeopathic medicines are slow acting?
Homoeopathy is NOT slow acting. This myth is popular, becauses most of the people approaching homoeopathy have a long history of chronic aliments, and hence the treatment takes time Since homoeopathy offers a much belter alternative than others in such ailments, it is believed that homoeopathy is slow acting Homoeopathy is in fact. FAST and RAPlD in Action in acute conditions .
11. Do homoeopathic medicines have any side effects?
No. homoeopathic medicines do not have any side ,effects, as they are administered in minute doses and do not have a chemical or mechanical effect on the body .
12. What is the shelf life of homoeopathic medicines?
If properly stored, homoeopathic medicines can be used for years without any Deteroriation of quality. Storage Guidelines Medicines are to be kept tightly capped at room temperature in a cool, dry, dust tree environment and away from direct sunlight They should not be exposed to strong odors Don't store your remedies in your medicine chest if you also Keep things like strong smelling balms etc .
13. Can diabetic patients the sweet sugar pill?
Yes, diabetics can take pills because the amount of sugar present is very minute. Also, medicines can be administered in distilled water, thereby avoiding pills.
14. What are the types of disorders in which homoeopathy would benefit?
Usually people are under the impression that homoeopathy can treat only chronic diseases like arthritis, skin conditions, migraine, menstrual irregularities, kidney, heart and lung disorders. But what many people do not know is that it is very effective and prompt in acute conditions like tonsilitis, pharyngitis, viral fevers, vomiting, diarrhea, dysentery, asthama, bronchitis, constipation, injury. Childhood disorders ets. Sometimes it may cut short the attack of the diseases all together and in most cases gives relief faster than conventional allopathic treatment and that also without any
side effects.
15. Can we give homeopathic medicines to our pet animals?
Yes we can use homeopathic medicines on animals as we use to take it for ourselves. Moreever these medicines are very easy to administer to our pet animals .
16. Can homeopathy treat anything and everything?
Like any other system of medicine, homeopathy has its own limitations. With homeopathic treatment acute or chronic, local or general can be treated except diseases where Surgery is unavoidable. Furthermore, we may note that many surgical diseases are treatable by homeopathic

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