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1 . Can fix consulting time through the web site .
2 . Consulting time – 9:30 Am to 1:30 PM ( IST ) & 5:30 PM TO 9:30 PM {IST)
3 . Chatting facility available from 10 PM to 10 . 30 PM ( IST ) On ajay_homoeopathy@yahoo.com
4 . You need not go anywhere else to collect your medicine but it will be given on the spot , from Dr. Ajay Gupta Clinic itself , under strict observation of      Dr. Ajay Gupta & his staff with clearly written instructions of intake .
5 . While you get the medicine , you have to pay for the appointment , prescription & medicine .
6 . You can write down your suggestions & remarks in the guest book kept in the clinic for the same purpose.
7 . Accomodation will be arranged according to the convenience of patients , in case of LONG TERM TREATMENT.


Steps for Consulting Dr. Ajay Gupta

1. Signup for Treatment.

2. After signing up , go to the take me to the payment page 

3. Mode of payment  -  Send Bank draft, Cheque or M.O in the address given below or can be credit in Bank Account directly[ Account No. given on request].

4. Dr. Ajay Gupta  will send you a questionnaire through e-mail next day.

5. Fill up & send back the questionnaire by e-mail or post.

6. After studying the case carefully, Dr. Ajay Gupta will send your medicine through courier, within 2-5 days, no matter where you are(time depend upon your residence)

7. You can contact Dr. Ajay Gupta for further advice whenever needed. You have to update your contract in time.

8. If you want to consult in person, you can take an appointment through e-mail or  through land line No  +91-11-2747 7647, 2747 7649  during clinic timings in advance..

Dr. Ajay Gupta Homoeopathic Clinic is giving Homeopathic treatment to the suffering humanity from 1992 onwards. The online treatment plan on internet helps thousands of persons to contact, consult & get the needful Homoeopathy treatment from Dr. Ajay Gupta

The treatment programme is

1. After Studying the case carefully the medicines will be send through courier, with written instructions of intake
2. Mode of payment - Send Bank draft, Cheque or M.O in the Address given below or account number can be given for payment.
3. Please allow us 3 working days to receive a reply from Dr. Ajay Gupta
4. Use of the online treatment means that you agree to the terms of use.

Particulars of Payment:-

 Country    3 Months   6 Months    12 months  
Group I: USA, Canada, Europe ,  Australia & Other Countries   US$ 100   US$ 175   US$ 300  
 Group IV: Residing in India   Rs. 4000   Rs. 6000   Rs. 10,000  


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